More than 70’ years in the manufacturing sector

The year was 1948, when Sri Lanka, barely out of the trauma of World War II and newly independent, began to produce scores of enthusiastic young entrepreneurs with a sense of patriotism and purpose. One such person was our founder, Mohamed Abdul Cader Mukthar, a gentleman of high ethics, integrity and courage, who set out to build the first Sri Lankan venture to manufacture rubber based footwear with technical assistance from Malaysia. In the year 1950, Ceylon Malayan Rubber Goods Limited was born.

The original manufacturing facility was set up in Dehiwela, south of Colombo, with only 25 workers. In the early 1960’s our company diversified into various other fields of manufacture, and one major breakthrough was the setting up of a fully automated industrial adhesive plant. Once again, we were the first to manufacture such products in Sri Lanka. Today, our flagship brand, Multibond, is firmly established and acknowledged as the market leader in its field.

To facilitate the growing business and accommodate the corporate head office, a state of-the-art footwear factory and office complex was built in 1976 on land acquired, adjoining the original factory. The rubber products factory was also expanded with modern machinery during this period. In 1995, we restructured and renamed the original business as Sinwa Holdings Limited, which today is the engine and driving force of the Sinwa Holdings Group.

The four Business sectors that predominate in our organizational structure are;

  • Bonding Solutions
  • Fashion - wear and Accessories
  • Rubber Products and Footwear Components
  • Trading

We have recently forayed into several new fields of enterprise and will approach every new venture with enthusiasm and determination as we have always done.

Sinwa Adhesives Limited

(Manufacturing & Marketing of Multibond range of industrial & household adhesives)

In the year 1950, Ceylon Malayan Rubber Goods Limited the parent company of the Sinwa Group was born. In the 1960’s they were the first to manufacturing adhesive in Sri Lanka.  Today, the flagship brand Multibond is firmly rooted and acknowledged as the market leader in its field.

Since its inception Multibond has been the number one Adhesive and Sealant brand in the market for industrial and household use. Multibond has a wide range of products which caters to varied and diverse markets segments as follows.

  • Footwear
  • Construction
  • Masonry
  • Furniture and wood
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Handicraft
  • Food and Pharmaceuticals
  • Household / Consumer

The brand Multibond is built with untiring efforts in order to introduce new products to meet the changing needs of customers.
Multibond has solutions for any bonding issues and the only brand with the widest range of bonding solutions in Sri Lanka.

Driven by their relentless pursuit for excellence we have installed stringent quality standards, through a manufacturing process that ensure Multibond products are world class.

They are the first Sri Lankan Adhesive manufacturer to obtain ISO 9001:2008 systems certification.


Quality Policy

We commit ourselves top delight our customers providing “Multibond” brand adhesives, manufactured using state-of-the-art, innovative technology, by implementing the ISO 9001 based Quality Management System effectively, in our company.

We recognize the contribution of our well-trained people, who work in a culture of continual improvement, satisfying applicable requirements, contributing to the growth of the Company and towards Excellence in our industry.

Sinwa  Rubber Industries Limited

(Manufacture of Footwear & Rubber Products)

Since our inception in 1950 we have been actively involved in the manufacture of rubber based footwear. With our integration into the fashion retailing industry, we have established a chain of retail shoe stores in Sri Lanka.

The store brand Sinwa has successfully carved a niche in the upper segment of the fashion footwear market and is growing rapidly with its’ expansion in the retail network of outlets.

Sinwa Rubber Industries Limited

(Manufacture of Footwear & Rubber Products)

Within our Rubber Products and Footwear Components sector, we manufacture a wide range of rubber components for various industries, which include EVA soling sheets and footwear components which cater to many industries.

Rubber Gum boots manufactured to various specifications and needs in the construction, food, agricultural, dairy, security services and many other industries, meeting international quality standards and are exported. Our brand ONTARIO is on an upward trend in the market, mainly due to its versatility  of use in various industries.

Essmark Worldwide Private Limited

(Trading & franchise Agents)

We have recently ventured out into new areas of enterprise in order to accommodate thze changing needs of customers. We’re also begun to focus our attention on the esthetic elements of lifestyle products.

To maximize stakeholder wealth and sustained growth with superior customer service, social responsibility, innovation, quality and executional perfection through a dedicated and committed team.

As we continue our journey, we will be pursuing our vision to be a diversified, regionally active group of companies exceeding our customers’ expectations.